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SN Machinery is the undisputed leader in almost every discipline of horizontal form-fill-seal rotary pouch machinery technology with these benefts:

  • In-house ISO-9001 manufacturing plant (ensures accurate, timely component supply and quality)
  • Flexibility in size (1.5” to 15”wide), weight (0.5 oz. to 5 lb.) at speeds up to 600 ppm
  • Rapid change-over using EZ Change™ Cassettes, high productivity and operating efficiency
  • Only machine program to offer Simplex, Duplex, patented TRIPLEX™ and QUADRO ™ and QUINTA LCM continuous motion machine (including 6 and 8) multi-up format solutions for both form-fill-seal and fill-seal processes
  • Compact footprint, rotary design utilizing double bag clamps for positive pouch control with ServoSmart™ system.
  • USDA/3A approved models. Additional Information
DUOPAC Membrane Pouch EZ Change Cassettes
Duo Pac™
EZ Change™

New small footprint SN Machinery models for StandUp and press-to-close zipper pouches include:

  • ServoSmart™ Technology including DuoSmart™ secondary roll for registration control, AdjustSmart™ for fast on-the-go adjustments, WebSmart™ for film feed control, WeighSmart™ turret and scale communication system.
  • ZiPunch™ patented zipper system for removal of excess zipper profile in the key side seals allows less material
  • Smart Technology machine for modern membrane twin compartment pouches
  • Horizontal twin frangible seal compartments for easy product fills
  • One- or two-roll feed machinery
  • Auger or liquid fillers or slide dosers
  • Twin pouch grippers

Laudenberg Continuous Motion Machine
LCM 500

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Anuga FoodTec Truly innovative pouch packaging machines
could be found at SN.

SN Machine

At PPi Technologies GROUP, we have the pouch making equipment from SN Machine that will cost effectively package your products. All stand up pouch packaging machines are not the same. If you want exceptional results for your products' packaging, SN Machine offers quality that sets the standard for both fill-seal and form-fill-seal pouch machine industry.

SN Machine is the leader in the flexible packaging industry, producing form-fill-seal machines that perform above the rest in every aspect for companies in a variety of industries. Pouch making is an important part of many different manufacturing processes.

A wide variety of products on the market today are dependent on pouch packaging with the quality of pouch packaging equipment playing a significant role in the results they get each day. Choosing pouch packaging machines from a leading pouch filling machine manufacturer can help you get the results you want with easy operation.

SN Machine can not only provide you with dependable pouch making that meets the needs of your business; they also make flexible packaging equipment that makes it simple to get the different options you need without a lot of time and effort. The EZ Change Cassettes give you the convenience of producing the pouch packaging that you would expect from quality form-fill-seal machines from a top filling machine manufacturer while also incorporating the ease that your busy schedule demands from your pouch sealer machine.

You also need a pouch machine that incorporates the most up-to-date technology in order to stay competitive in the industry that you serve. SN Machine flexible packaging uses today’s technology to give you fast adjustments and control over your packaging functions, incorporating a patented zipper pouch system that uses less material. If you want the technology that will produce twin compartment stand up pouches, we have the solutions to give you just the pouch packaging you need. Choose from auger or liquid fillers as well as slide dosers and enjoy the advantages of the horizontal twin frangible seal compartments that make it easy to fill the stand up pouches.

Another important feature you will get when you purchase your pouch packaging machine from the leading pouch filling machine manufacturer is the flexibility in size and weight. Just as different industries have different needs, there are different needs within any organization. We offer you the only form-fill-seal machines with the convenient tools for converting to the different sizes and weights of packaging options that you need with ease. Just use the convenient quote feature on this page to see how affordable a quality sealer machine from the leading filling machine manufacturer can be.

You know the importance of producing the quality flexible packaging that will give your products the right image and make them easier to access, use and store. Your investment in one of our pouch machines well provide you with the best equipment for all of your packaging needs.

If you have questions, call us at 941-359-6678 and let us help you find the right SN Machine flexible packaging machinery for your needs.

SN Machinery are the new owners of the Laudenberg Machine brand and continue to supply parts and service through
PPi Technologies GROUP for Laudenberg machines.


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