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Semi-automatic machine model LARI 3/pn VG characterized by its extreme flexibility and ease of operation.

Machine suitable for packaging food products, in plastic or barrier polystyrene trays for closure in MAP and thermo sealing, in plastic or polythene cardboard trays for closure in thermo sealing only "T". The machine can also carry out a closure with SKIN system (optional) that allows the film (specific for SKIN) to adhere on the product inside the tray, in order to obtain a "skin effect" on it. All kinds of closure are with lid obtained from film reel and cut according to the tray shape. Automatic film waste rewind system. Complete with vacuum pump.

Note: under request it is possible to have lid with peel corner.

The operator has to put the tray with the product in the carrier, then pushes it under the die. The machine carries out a cycle with MAP or SKIN and thermoseals the tray. At the end of this operation, the operator takes the carrier out and removes the tray/trays closed (max 2 trays per cycle).

The machine can carry out the following types of closures:

  • Thermosealing only;
  • Vacuum + thermosealing;
  • Vacuum + gas + thermosealing;
  • SKIN closure (optional)

Technical features:

  • Machine dimensions: 680 x 1020 mm [27" x 40"]
  • Machine height: 950 mm [37"] (with basement "B" 1700 mm [67"])
  • Weight: 300 kg [661 lb] approx. with truck base and vacuum pump
  • Max. film reel: ø 300 mm [11.8"]
  • Max. mandrel: ø 75 mm [3"]
  • Max. film width to be sealed: 440 mm [17.3"]
  • Max. No. of pieces per cycle: 2
  • Max. tray height: 110 mm [4.3"] (extra special height max 200 mm [7.8"])
  • Electro-pneumatic feeding
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 5 kW with vacuum pump 20m3, power supply 230 V
  • Power consumption: 6 kW with vacuum pump 40m3, power supply 230 V
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Compressed air consumption: 220 NI per cycle
  • Output: about 2 to 6 cycles/minute
  • 20 programs to choose between several closures
  • Easy package size change (sliding System)
  • Made according to "CE" norm
  • Max tray dimension for single cavity die set 400 x 300 mm [15.7" x 11.8"]
  • Max tray dimension for twin cavity die set 190 x 300 mm [7.5" x 11.8"]

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