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24/7 Data Acquisition “PLUM” System

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(Packaging Line
Under Management)

PPi Technologies GROUPoffers ControlSmart™ a 24/7 data acquisition system that uses PLUM (Packaging Line Under Management) approach and includes a patent pending process using a camera for sending videos back showing trouble spots, previously alerted via e-mail direct from the packaging line.

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The key to the system is to monitor an agreed set of parameters like temperature range, air pressure, and speed of line and electronically report any deviations. The performance of the machine during a production run, the cleaning process and other frequent stops can also be measured.

The electronic signature of the PLUM system ensures your product integrity is fully monitored for access at any time from anywhere
by management.

Allen Bradley ControlsThe FDA recently reported that remote monitoring might be useful for their own and company QA reports. Most new production lines are designed around validation and good, respectable GMP.

Key Points of the System:

  1. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) = availability x throughput x quality then reduces down to ideal cycle time x good parts / available time.
    Availability = (running time / available time) Throughput = (total parts x ideal cycle time) / running time Good parts = (total parts – scrap) Quality = (good parts / total parts).
  2. Process Events and Process Variable tracking e.g. temperatures.
  3. Downtime duration and reason code tracking e.g. safety door # 1 open 13 times for 20 minutes.
  4. Visibility and analysis tools for real-time and historical process information.
  5. A bar code scanner is an option on the system and tracks what pouches or product you are running to validate product with packaging.
  6. 24/7 monitoring of the equipment with an option to
    e-mail PPi Technologies Group and your designated e-mail address when the machine starts to vary from a pre-determined specification. As soon as possible we will contact you to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing.
  7. Customized applications according to your plant schedule to include breaks and shift changes.
  8. You can change the view from the last minute to two years, from 1st shift, to 2nd shift or other date periods.
  9. We are able to collect data from any OPC enabled PLC or machinery, so not only e.g. PSG LEE machine but also your case packers, thermo formers, wrappers, vertical baggers, etc. (additional hardware may be required in some cases).

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