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Patented Duo Pac System

Award winning patented DUO PAC™ dual pouch system.

Available as either a fully automatic continuous module or semi-automatic DP module.

DUO PAC™ can have an integral die cut handle feature for large dual pouch packs.

Filled and sealed on Laudenberg FBM 20 and 22 form-fill-seal machinery. Can handle premade pouches.

Reclosable zipper available.

Patent #5,954,432

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Anuga FoodTec Truly innovative pouch packaging machines
could be found at SN.

Innovation is an important part of our operation at PPi Technologies GROUP and our patented SN DUO PAC system is a shining example. As the leading stand up pouch packing machine distributor and manufacturer of custom pouch equipment, we strive to always bring you the better solutions for your stand up pouch packaging needs. We have several joint and individual patents for our pouch machine filling and sealing equipment. The award winning patented SN DUO PAC dual pouch system is a brilliant pouch solution which offers you more options for packaging food, so that you can use a zipper pouch with an integral die cut handle for larger zipper pouch or stand up pouches.

There are many choices available today for those businesses which require pouch machine packaging options from a single stand up pouch, dual pouch packs, double chamber pouches, and stand up pouches with spout fitments and more.  At PPi Technologies GROUP we create award winning designs that use the most innovative techniques for getting the job done and exceeding your requirements for performance and reliability you require every day. We are the leading stand up pouch machine manufacturer and distributor with top quality, custom designed features for pouch machines we offer.

If you aren’t sure whether you require the SN Machinery for your form-fill and seal needs give us a call at 941-359-6678 with your questions. Whether you require pouch filling equipment that can fill a zipper pouch or a high performance stand up pouch with dual chambers, we are the right pouch machinery company for custom design needs.

We understand that the pouch sealing equipment you use is very important to your manufacturing process. You want to package your products in a way that is secure, appealing and convenient so that your customers want to use your products more than those of the competition. We have what it takes to make your business more productive and you can count on our stand up pouch equipment for ease of use and performance.

There are various models of pouch filling equipment that will form, fill and seal pouches according to your specifications. Some are automatic while others are semi-automatic and give you the option of altering the process according to each specific job you need it to do. The SN Machinery can be purchased as either fully automatic to streamline your manufacturing process or as semi-automatic so that you can make changes as needed.  It also offers the option of sealing two zipper pouches that is a desirable feature for any Store Club sales.

We understand the importance of choosing the right form-fill seal equipment for your operation and we are here to help you choose the machine that will be a central part of your operation. As the largest stand up pouch machine distributor and manufacturer in North America, we carry the wide range of equipment that is needed for all types of stand up pouch packaging. With our award-winning patented products, we have more to offer than the competition.


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