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cooking system

System Offers

  • Fresh prepared foods can be frozen in an airtight container
  • Piping hot, restaurant quality meals
  • No Preparation – from refrigerator/freezer-to-microwave
  • No piercing, cutting or peeling back packaging or stirring food
  • The SmartDevice™ and heating process ensures that food retains its flavor, moisture and nutritional value.
Microwavable Meals in Packaging

Top removed, ready to eat
StandUp POUCHER™ tray
with SmartDevice™
and frangible seal


  •   Microwaveable Tray
    SmartDevice™ Lid on
    Microwaveable Tray
    Patent # 7,240,796 B2
    Retail/Grocery – homemade meals
  • Office lunches
  • Hospitality industry
  • School campus lunches
  • Institutional facilities
  • Fast food restaurants


  • One package container – no dirty pots and pans
  • 5 Days shelf life in refrigerator after removal from freezer
  • Prepared, refrigerated or frozen foods are steamed to perfection in
    four minutes or less
  • Healthy fast food

We are all aware of the benefits of ready-made meals. Today’s busy lifestyles and demographic changes are driving the need for fast, top-quality cuisine foods.

Longer working hours, more time getting to and from work, higher incomes and the sudden demand for convenience and variety, are some of the key factors driving growth for ready-made meals. The rising number of time-starved single households or smaller households has led to less time available to prepare meals as the time saved can be used for other activities. The decline in culinary skills among the younger generation has also contributed to the use of ready-to-eat meals.

Frozen Dinner Recipe  
FastFine Cuisine™
Frozen Dinner Recipe

The FastFine Cuisine™ microwave meals systems are part of the dynamic growth found in the convenience market segment. The demise of the traditional family meal and the preference for individual meal solutions has made the microwave the “Hot Button” in the office and home kitchens.

The demand for convenience has seen the highest penetration of microwave ovens in single and dual income homes. Companies are also dropping their in-house meals service in preference for individual microwave single-serve eat-on-demand meals. Stressful lives and the need for healthy meals is also driving the market for premium products like ethnic cuisines or where perceived freshness quality is preferred when compared to canned products.

The FastFine Cuisine™ microwave heating system satisfies all of the above conditions and this patented system and process using the SmartDevice™ lid and tray ensures superior fresh prepared food quality. The SmartDevice™ lid operates like a pressure cooker when the product is heated in a microwave. This is the perfect package for prepared fresh foods.

  Microwaveable tray with sleeve
  SmartDevice™ Lid on Microwaveable Tray with Printed Sleeve

In addition to the tray and SmartDevice™ lid package, the FastFine Cuisine™ system includes the StandUp POUCHER™ tray, where the SmartDevice™ is sealed into the top half of the StandUp pouch, food is filled below the SmartDevice™ and a laser line separates the top of the pouch from the bottom half.

After heating the StandUp POUCHER™ tray in the microwave, the top half is pulled off along the laser score line and the bottom acts like a tray for easy clean consumption of the food.

In some instances the top can be totally sealed (no laser score line) and once separated from the bottom half, this product can be separately heated in the microwave and poured onto the contents of the bottom half of the StandUp POUCHER™ tray. An example of this would be prepared fresh refrigerated chicken in the top and a fresh salad in the bottom half of the StandUp POUCHER™ tray. The ultimate meal on the go!

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