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At PPi Technologies GROUP, we implement the most up-to-date technology in the designs of pouch packaging machines and also bring you products from some of the top names in the industry. Our assortment of pouch machinery with fitment caps offers you the options that you need to produce flexible packaging for a wide range of products. You can purchase a liquid filling machine that will put the spout in the center or the corner of the pouch, fill it, and create the products that your customers will enjoy!

From eating kids’ yogurt, to drinking sports drinks, to applying tanning products, spout pouches make it easier to use a wide variety of products on the go or at home. Spouted pouches with fitments are being used today to make beverages easy to drink no matter where you are. They are appreciated by the youngest customers as well as today’s athletes.

Pouches with fitments can also be used for cleaning products, personal care items, and much more. If fitments are a part of your packaging process, you will need to determine whether your equipment will use premade pouches and fitments to suit your specific needs. You might have a variety of products that require spout placement in different areas of the pouch. Our HAMA spout inserters can be custom made to fit your pouch packaging needs. If you need the versatility of being able to place the pouch in different areas of the pouch, we have the options you need for a flexible machine that will perform the way you want it to.  

HAMA spout pouch machines with a Servo controlled motor, temperature control device, touch screen display, pouch feeding device, fitment feeding system, and hot and cold sealing system. Unlike the pouch machinery with fitment caps, this model requires you to supply your own spout fitments.

Our PSG ACE spout pouch machines have many desirable features that make them convenient for a wide range of applications. This pouch machine uses a piston pump to fill pouches with a capacity of 50 to 5,000 ml. it features automatic pouch loading and transfer into the rotary turret and has a nitrogen gas flush station with a generator. Automatic features include spout head washing, cap feeding and placing, cap closing, and pouch discharge. Choose from a variety of fitments for flexible packaging options. You can connect the PSG ACE  to your CIP washing system to create a seamless process from start to finish!

The PCG FTM spout pouch machine is another style of pouch machinery with fitment caps that will provide you with the flexible packaging options you want from any quality liquid filling pouch machine. You have a choice in fitment options and a pouch capacity of 150 to 1,000 ml and it can make pouches in the center or in the corner. The PCG FTM also has numerous automatic features for making spout pouches quickly and efficiently which meet your specifications.

Making the choice in a liquid pouch filling machine that suits your needs will be determined by the features that will meet your specifications. The liquid or beverage pouch filling machine you use should meet the pouch capacity that will match your range of products and provide you with flexible packaging that will work for each type of product you will be packaging. At PPi Technologies GROUP, we work with you to ensure you get the right pouch machine for your needs. Call us at 941-359-6678 if you have questions about any of our products or you need help finding the features that will serve your purpose.

Spout pouch machines are not all of the same quality and they have different features that will make one or the other a better choice for your applications. While you want one that fits easily into your budget, you should make sure that you make a choice that will also fit your needs now and into the future for the best investment overall. Our variety of cap and spout pouch machines gives you the options you need for a perfect match!

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