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Stand Up Pouch Packaging Consumables
including Pouches with Spout Fitments & Zipper Pouches

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Pouch Designs

PPi Technologies GROUP offers a full range of services capable of designing and manufacturing consumable items. Some of these include pre-made pouches, roll-stock and SmartDevice™ valves. Shaped pouches, the addition of spout fitments or the use of different zipper technologies are all possible and support brand differentiation requirements. The internal design of the pouch is an essential part of the pouch characteristic and will support the product during transit and customer use. There is an increase in the use of SmartDevice™ valves and these can be used for coffee pouches and for FastFine Cuisine™ microwaveable meals. Spout fitments from many suppliers can be incorporated either in the center or corner of the pouch.

HQ Packaging

HQ Packaging ProductsPCG has advanced computer controlled pouch printing and making equipment. They have been in business for more than 16 years and have received ISO9001certification. PCG is involved in constant technological development and innovation. “Producing superior products and assuring client satisfaction” is the quality control guideline and operating tenet of PCG. Pouches are produced for the following products: jelly, yogurt, concentrated juice, wine, jam, milk powder, candy, pet food, liquid detergent, softener, shampoo and detergent powder. Pouch styles include: StandUp with center or corner fitment and pouches with press-to-close zipper.


PCG is equipped with 6, 8, 9 and 10 color printing presses and laminators with production capacity of over 5,000 tons per annum. The company received ISO9001 and HACCP (ISO22000) certification and the packaging material complies with USFDA and EU standards. PCG is devoted to the printing and laminating of pouches for the following industries: food, beverage, meat products, flavoring, snack foods, pet food and chemical products.

LD Packaging ProductsPackaging includes: StandUp pouches with fitments, pouches with press-to-close zipper, vacuum pouches and high barrier meat films.

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WON JI Canada Corp

Won Ji ProductsPLG is the North American branch office of one of the most reputable flexible packaging manufacturers in Korea. As an ISO9002 manufacturer, PLG has been supplying highest quality rotogravure packaging materials to over 130 companies worldwide. PLG's production site is FDA inspected and approved. With its own design studio, film production, gravure printing, laminating, pouch making, spout attachment and cold seal capabilities, Won Ji supplies StandUp pouches, side gusset pouches, wicketted pouches, retort pouches, roll stock etc.

Flexible packaging can help expand your food or beverage business

We offer the latest products and innovations available in the industry as a way of helping our customers to increase sales as well as customer satisfaction.  By designing and providing  flexible packaging and stand up pouch packaging options that keep your food and beverage products as fresh as possible we are able to help your business succeed.

The market for organic food products and freshly prepared food or meals has grown quickly in the last decade, leading to countless opportunities for those in the food and beverage industries.  Many small businesses have rapidly grown within this industry over the last several years to become successful, large companies.  One of the biggest opportunities comes by packaging food into ready to go zipper pouches which allows people to buy food that can be quickly cooked in a microwave or or Redi-2-DrinQ beverage pouches that come as a stand up pouch with spouted fitment.

Here at PPi Technologies GROUP  we are dedicated to offering our customers with a comprehensive selection of flexible packaging machines, the form-fill and seal machinery and the packaging supplies necessary to prepare the products for sale in a retail environment.  These many different flexible packaging options allow a small business to present their products with a more professional look and attractive packaging, which also helps to promote sales.  The wide variety of pouch packaging and flexible packaging supplies we offer can be custom made to incorporate your company name, logo, and other graphics that you choose.  The difference between a successful product and an unsuccessful product can sometimes be in the packaging, and not in the product itself.  If you have a stellar product with eye catching packaging you will greatly increase the likelihood of having robust sales.

PPi Technologies GROUP  strives to offer the latest and greatest innovations for packaging food and beverage products.  Our wide variety of flexible packaging supplies along with our pouch making machinery options are all great ways to help increase productivity and simultaneously increase quality at your company.  The many different flexible pouch packaging options we offer come in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and configurations.  Whether your business makes gourmet style microwave ready meals or organic fruit juices, we have the packaging supplies you need.  We also offer products such as vacuum sealer pouches which are a great way to offer many high end food products.  These are also available with pressure relief valves, which are a great way to ensure your finished product stays fresh until the minute it is opened by your customers. 

In addition to the products mentioned above we also carry a wide variety of form-fill and seal machinery and pouch equipment for food or beverage companies.  These equipment options are an all in one solution to all of your filling and flexible packaging needs.  If your business has seen a sharp spike in demand and you aren't sure if you can meet this demand, these pouch machines are a great way to help.  They can drastically increase productivity along with increasing quality.  You can explore some of the form-fill and seal machines on our website or by contacting us at PPi Technologies GROUP .  No matter what type of  flexible pouch packaging  products you are looking for call us to understand all the high quality options we have available.

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