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diecut-seal pouch machinery


  • Economical
  • 80 to 500 Pouches per minute
  • Simplex/Duplex to six-up
  • Can have die-cut shape
  • Heat seal or ultrasonic

3-side Seal PouchFitments supplied by Menshen

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Anuga FoodTec Truly innovative pouch packaging machines
could be found at SN.


How To Find The Right Pouch Filling Machine For My Business?

When it comes to pouch filling machines PPi Technologies GROUP has a wide variety of options to fit the unique needs of your company.  Whether your company produces food, beverages, or health and beauty products, we can match you up with the stand up pouch packaging machinery that best suits your businesses line of products. We carry a wide variety of equipment from form-fill seal machine manufacturers such as SN Machinery and pre-made pouch systems from PSG LEE, NISHIBE, and more.

If your business is currently using an outside packaging company for your products you know how expensive this can be.  This additional cost is cutting into your profit and ideally you will want to invest in your own stand up pouch packaging machinery.  While this is certainly a substantial investment, handling all of your company's packaging services in house has a number of benefits.  Along with increased productivity and efficiency, handling packaging services internally allows you to have a much tighter control on inventory.  Instead of having to deal with inventory issues due to excessive lead times, you will have the ability to ensure your producing the right amount of products to meet customer demand.  When you invest in the equipment and machinery that we offer you will also have the ability to add products or change packaging as you desire. If your business is growing steadily and outgrowing your current setup, our pouch packaging machinery is the ideal solution.

As a leading pouch form fill seal machine manufacturer, SN Machinery offers the highest standards and has all of the features you could every want from pouch filling machines.  These can produce a wide range of package styles, shapes, and sizes.  This allows you to customize product packaging to highlight the individual benefits and unique properties of your products. 

The SN Machinery that we carry at PPi Technologies GROUP gives you the ability to not only increase productivity, but also to create food packaging options for both new and existing products.  The stand up pouch filling machines we offer are a comprehensive solution to handle all of the packing needs for your company.  Instead of relying on outside vendors or a combination of several machines, our all in one systems give you the ability to handle everything simultaneously.  This not only greatly increases production levels but also helps your business to operate much more efficiently.  With all of the new food packaging options currently found in retail stores it is necessary to keep up with the times if you want to stay competitive with other businesses.  Our lines of equipment made by the leading form fill seal machine manufacturers is sure to be a great fit for your food or beverage business.   

The stand up pouch is also a great solution if you are looking for food packaging options which get consumers' attention.  This is particularly useful if you are introducing a new product and looking to get as much attention as possible.  When it comes to food packaging we all know that unique, bold style always attract the attention regardless of the product.  No matter what the product is, the right packaging will help you promote your new product offering.


SN Machinery are the new owners of the Laudenberg Machine brand and continue to supply parts and service through
PPi Technologies GROUP for Laudenberg machines.


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