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Stand Up Pouch and Zipper Pouch Machines

Profile Packaging Inc.

Pouch Packaging Machines

PROFILE® Packaging Inc. as the leader in the stand up pouch industry can produce all types of pouch packaging which are listed in part below. We can create custom pouch packaging solutions with our pouch design team which already has 40 patents:

Standup Pouch Slider Pouch Side Gusset
Zipper Pouch Top Spout Pouch Pillow Pouch
Quad Seal Pouch Corner Spout Pouch Flat Pouch
Shaped Pouch Stick Pack Retort Pouch
Spouted Pouch Capped Pouch Flexible Packaging
Fitment pouch Duplex Stand Up Pouch Tri-Plex Stand Up Pouch

PPi Technologies is the undisputed leader in stand up pouch packaging solutions and in every aspect of horizontal form-fill-seal rotary pouch machinery using a combination of our technologies and expertise with and SN Machinery for a complete pouch machine solution:

  • Speeds up to 540 pp
  • Standup pouch Flexibility; with size up to 15 inches, and up to 5 pounds
  • Rapid change-over for stand up pouch production; high productivity; high efficiency
  • Programable simplex, duplex, patented triplex™, quadro™ and QUINTA multi-stand up pouch format solutions for both form-fill-seal and fill-seal processes
  • Design utilizing double stand up bag clamps providing positive stand up pouch control


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