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NISHIBE has the exclusive license from Sumitomo Bakelite to manufacture their patented premade “POUCHER™ flexible bottle” StandUp pouch. Nishibe has developed a wide range of multilane pouch making machines with inline die cutting and patent pending double-step process. Nishibe produces state of the art pouch making machines. Benefits include labor savings, speed efficiencies and a compact footprint that will meet todays and future requirements.

  QuaDSeal Pac™
A side gusset pouch with horizontal zipper design.
(Patent # 5938339)
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pouch packing machine

Inventors of the Unique StandUp
Poucher™ Flexible Bottle

POUCHER applications
POUCHER applications

The premade POUCHER™ flexible bottle from Sumitomo Bakelite is a contoured shaped StandUp pouch, with a patented rib structure design for outstanding performance stability. PROFILE® Packaging is the Exclusive Licensing Agent for this premade, environmentally friendly and energy conserving pouch technology. The POUCHER™ can be used for food, beverages, personal healthcare and household chemicals and is a “partner” of the bottle in selected markets. The POUCHER™ can be filled at high speeds on premade pouch fill-seal Laudenberg machinery and is available with or without reclosable features. (Patented)

HM-300AH Spout Inserter
Hama spout inserters are ideal for companies who require a versatile machine; spout can be set in the left top corner, right top corner, or center of the pouch freely. The Hama handles various types and sizes of pouches. Special custom machines can be manufactured to suit your company’s needs and demands.
  HAMA 300AH Spout Inserter


StandUp Premade Pouches with Fitments

Cut-n-Por™ Fitment for Household Chemicals
CellCare™ Flip-Top Fitment for Personal Care Products
BevCell™ Range of Fitments for the Beverage Industry

CELLPACK is an industry leader in the supply of StandUp pouches with fitments. Many of these pouring or drinking spout fitments are patented and have been developed by highly experienced professionals. Pouches can be printed with up to eight colors. Multi-layer composite films can be supplied for retort and/or aggressive chemical products. Premade StandUp pouches for food, juices, personal care and household products are available, all with CELLPACK fitments designed to turn the pouch into a primary package. (Patented)

How do you make the correct choice in zipper pouches and associated pouch packaging equipment for your business? You start with the largest zipper pouch machine distributor and manufacturer in North America and which offers you more options and top brands to choose from.

PPi Technologies GROUP offers the widest variety of pouch packaging equipment that gives you the freedom to choose custom designed features that are the  most important to you, then are  manufactured to precise specifications.  With pouch packaging equipment from the best names in the industry, we are your number one resource for all of your beverages, consumables, and stand up pouch machinery.

With an increasing desire for retort packaging machines that package foods and other perishables in a stay-fresh container, we are here to meet the demands of our customers who want the best in choice for their pouch making needs.  

One popular feature in retort packaging machines is that of creating shelf stable pouches. A stand up pouch with a zipper is a tool that will work for a wide variety of items. Using zipper pouches to package snacks or measurable foods will allow the consumer to re-seal the package once they have taken out what they want. Often, people will choose this type of packaging over other  packaging because it is easier to keep the contents fresh for a longer period of time. In order to produce the best stand up pouch for your products, you need the right retort pouch packaging machines.

Zipper pouch packaging offers you every advantage in today’s hectic world as people demand more convenience from the packaging of the products they buy. Our retort pouch machines will deliver the end product that matters to your customers while making the manufacturing process an easier and more efficient one for you. Your process is only as good as your packaging equipment and we have the variety of machines to give you the flexibility that is needed with various pouch making features available to customize  machinery for your specific needs.

There is more to designing and creating the right zipper pouch packaging for your products meets the eye. We give you the options that you need in a  pouch machine that is made to perform quickly, efficiently and in the most eco-friendly way possible!

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