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Stand Up Pouch Packaging Machines
for Spout Pouches

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Pouch Fill-Seal and Fill Cap Machines

PakSource Global is the leading provider of fill-seal and fill seal cap solutions that are competely automatic filling, sealing and capping machines. It is our mission is to provide our customers with products and services that provide a competitive edge while improving line efficiency, reducing costs and environmental impact. We use all available global technologies combined with our expertise to create the best solutions. We leverage more than 40 patents of our products to deliver unique operating solutions that have made us the leader in flexible packaging world wide. Going forward we will be the company delivering innovative spouted and capped pouches with a variety of fitments and designs.

The beverage market is one of the most important markets for the future of the stand up pouch and flexible packaging industry and PPi Technologies Global intends to lead world wide. While typical packaging for liquor, juice, wine, soda is plastic or glass bottle those carry a relatively high cost of the package itself as well as in shipping and handling. The capped pouch and our unique spouted pouch shapes and designs will give our clients a dominant position in their respective segments of the beverage markets.

PSG Lee by Leepack can ensure that you receive the best quality application to perfectly match your packaging need. Our vertical and horizontal form fill seal packaging solutions include packaging for any application you can imagine. We can design a marketable cost effective solution for any beverage, liquid or non-liquid product. Here are many of the products we have delivered to our customers in various types and stand up pouch designs:

Fill Cap Machine, Vertical Fill-Seal Machine and Horizontal Fill-Seal Machine Applications

Solids Liquids Beverages Other
beans soups water baby food
croutons sauces wine fruit
grains soaps beer powders
chips shampoo liquor snacks
coffee lotions health drinks cranberries
popcorn condiments energy drinks trail mix
cereal salad dressing juices tea


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