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SN FBM 071

SN FBM 071

SN FBM 071

Packaging machine (form, fill and seal machines )

The intermittently working rotary machine enables the production of flat or stand-up pouches and can fill the pouches with all kinds of products of any consistency. 


SN FBM 20 / FBM 22

SN FBM 20 – FBM22

Packaging machine (form, fill and seal machines )

These two models are suitable for a wide range of applications, are high quality and extremely flexible packaging machines.

SN Maschinenbau, SN FM 200, HFFS, horizontal form fill and seal, PPiTG

SN FM 200 – FM 600

SN FM 200-FM 600

Packaging machine (rotary machine, form, fill and seal machine) The FM 200 to FM 600 series can produce and fill flat and stand-up pouches, also with reclosable systems, from the roll.