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Herrmann Ultrasonics Welding

Herrmann Ultrasonics Sealing

Ultrasonic welding of films

Film welding is important for the packaging industry, for instance. Here, fine films can be welded with each other or with other materials. This is how coffee capsules, drinks packaging and much more are made. The special feature in the ultrasonic welding of films: The heat is generated within the material and not applied from outside. This means that the required temperature is not too high and the film is not damaged. Film shrinkage is prevented.


LAKO TOOL Ultrasonics


Hot or Cold Seal Jaws – Enables simple and fast change-overs and repairs with virtually no downtime. This innovative Lako sealing system is versatile and simple, enabling change-overs from standard to hole punch seals, and to different seal types.

Rinco - Ultrasonic Seal Systems

Rinco – Ultrasonic Seal Systems

Rinco – Ultrasonic Seal Systems

Designed and built to meet the extreme duty cylces of the packaging industry and the tough applications demands of sealing thin films.  Multiple models offered to suit any pouch size on any type of fill-seal or form-fill-seal machine.