Caveco DEDRA & DEDRA 70

Caveco DEDRA & DEDRA 70

Automatic Tray Sealers.


Caveco DEDRA & DEDRA 70

The automatic thermosealing machine mod.DEDRA (45/70) is suitable to package food products in thermoseailing or map protecting atmosphere (greater duration) or in SKIN (skin effect) in preformed trays with plastic film obtained from film reel. All the electrical installations are protect against water and humidity according to the IP65 regulations.

The working phases are controller by sensors and incorporated probes; this machine is suitable in all sectors of the food industry (meat, fish, gastronomy, pasta, sweet, fruit and vegetables and dry fruit) tanks to the extreme versatility.

The machine is suitable for the packaging of a large range of food products: meat, fish, fresh or frozen ready meals, dairy and cheese, fresh pastas, etc. 

Entirely built in stainless steel and anticorrodal aluminum, the machine can be used in every production environment, also the more aggressive such as the diary and fish plants.

The machine, with an IP65 degree of water and dust protection, satisfies the demands of cleaning and hygiene typical of the food industry.

Thanks to its PLC, programmed by CAVECO’s technicians, specialized in the personalization of international suppliers’ unit, the DEDRA allows to store the working parameters of different productions, granting, thanks to its tool change system, extremely fast, the most elevated flexibility of use of its category