Caveco GAMMA Family

Caveco GAMMA Family

Automatic Tray Sealers.


Caveco GAMMA Family

The machines of the GAMMA family are in-line tray sealers, able to work both in normal sealing and with vacuum or with modified atmosphere. Also, with a mold specifically designed, they are able to work with SKIN effect (with compatible sealing material).

The different models (identified by their max sealing area), are available with hydraulic movement, that has always been the pride of CAVECO, which guarantees a very high accuracy and synchronization of movement, or with the classic pneumatic handling of the sealing mould. Both versions are enhanced by the choice to manage all the movements of the jaws with brushless systems, capable, thanks to the electronic control of motors, to make each moving as stress free as possible for the product to be packaged and for the machine itself.

Gamma machines allows the packaging and sealing of products in pre-formed trays by means of sealing and vacuum/modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and Skin operations.

The new look of the machines, the highest level of ergonomics and sanitation (IP65), the total accessibility from both sides, the tool exchange that takes place without using tools in a few minutes, the materials used in manufacturing, the touch control panels, which guide the operator in a more intuitive way, bring the machines to the highest level of reliability and easey use.

A complete range of dosing and depositing systems, snap-on machines and over two hundred options, able to answer all customer needs and continuous development of solutions for specific needs, allow the creation of complete lines, according to the size of trays to be sealed and the product’s features, able to reach over 200 pieces per minute.


Gamma Specs