Caveco TEMA 45 & TEMA 70

Caveco TEMA 45 & TEMA 70

Automatic Tray Sealers.


Caveco TEMA 45 & TEMA 70

Automatic thermosealing machine mod. TEMA/45 pn is suitable for closure in MAP, in thermosealing «T» and SKIN of food products in trays with lid obtained from film reel and trimmed according to the tray shape and automatic film waste rewind system.

It is employed in all production fields, small and large companies, supermarkets, butcher shops, fish markets, fruit and vegetables, satisfying the necessary requirements of hygiene and cleaning of the food industry.

The sealing machine mod. TEMA is suitable for a wide range of food products: meat, fish, ready meals (fresh or frozen), vegetables (especialy salads), diary products, pasta, etc.

This machine is suitable in all sectors of the food industry, small and big companies, supermarkets, butchers, fish shops, etc. fulfilling the necessary hygienic and cleaning requirements of the food industry.

Completely made in stainless steel and anticorodal aluminum, all the surface and the parts that can get in contact with the product, tray and film, a proper program can be performed, stored and retrieved. The package size change (in case of more than one tray type) is very easy and fast.