ENGILICO Inspection Series

ENGILICO Inspection Series

Pouch Seal Inspection systems checks every individual package for compromised packages due to wrinkles and product in seal.


ENGILICO Inspection Series

The preferred partner for better packaging results

Engilico is the international expert in sealing inspection & monitoring technology for flexible packages.
Thanks to global strategic partnerhips with large players within the food, pet care and pharma
industries the Engilico engineers are experts in optimizing packaging lines.
The innovative SealScope™ technology is a unique in-line sealing inspection and process
monitoring technology that will allow you to quickly:

  • Optimize your packaging process for higher quality & speed
  • Detect compromised packages due to wrinkles or product in seal
  • Better monitor your packaging process and issue early warnings in case of process drift

SealScope™ consists of one or multiple vibration sensors, a controller and the SealScope™ Software.
SealScope™ is compatible with most heat sealing packaging processes & packaging types, including
pillow bags, flow packs and pouches.

Using the detection and monitoring tools of SealScope™ you can cut the number of incidental open
packages by over 90% (*). Additionally, packaging speed can be increased while monitoring the
sealing quality. (*)