LAKO TOOL Ultrasonics


Hot or Cold Seal Jaws – Enables simple and fast change-overs and repairs with virtually no downtime. This innovative Lako sealing system is versatile and simple, enabling change-overs from standard to hole punch seals, and to different seal types.

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  • Works with both hot and cold sealing applications

  • Standard and hole-punch applications available

  • Split heater hole design enables easy access to the heater

  • Available with shim or adjustable style knives

  • Compatible with vertical and horizontal machines

  • Just-in-time delivery programs available

When running different products on the same line, seal jaw faces can be exchanged to accommodate each products seal specifications. Seal jaw faces can be replaced or changed 4 easy steps.


  • Quick and easy setup

  • VFFS seal jaw applications

    • MSD Quick Change or OEM​

  • Utilized on Hole Punch or Standard Seal Jaws​

  • Positive Location

    • Top-to-bottom and side-to-side alignment​

  • Oversized bushings and pin for proper alignment​

SPECIALISTS in providing a properly aligned seal jaw system for standard and hole punch for vertical baggers

LEADING INNOVATIONS to reduce downtime and increase ROI

CUSTOM and OEM replacement parts for flow wrappers and baggers; hot and cold applications

EXPERIENCED technical support and prompt service


PSD Hot and Cold Seal Jaws are designed to correct standard seal film industry issues. For packaging that requires heat sealing, LAKO TOOL has developed a hot seal polymer to withstand 300°F (150°C).  This provides superior sealing versus other heat sealing processes and provides many benefits.

  • Improved seal strength, even with lighter gauge film

  • Seals through wrinkles, channel leakers, and transition areas around the fin seal while reducing or eliminating seal fractures

  • Eliminates metal-to-metal contact that reduces time-consuming machine wear

  • Enables consistent sealing without ongoing quality control adjustments for minor film variations

  • LAKO’s hot polymer PSD inserts can be replaced in minutes, without disturbing settings for knives and anvils or causing downtime

  • Re-stocking program available to avoid downtime


LAKO’s new hot polymer developed to run heat seal and cold seal film while adapting to various film thickness without the need to make machine adjustments.

The AdaptiSeal™ is essential for continuous high-end flexible package seal performance on horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) machinery.

  • No machine adjustments necessary

  • Adapts to varying film thicknesses

  • Works with multiple layers

  • Heats up to 400°F (204.4°C)


LAKO Introduces Advanced Ultrasonic Sealing Capabilities for Packaging Applications.

June 7, 2021 (Perrysburg, Ohio) LAKO has long been known for delivering the packaging industry’s highest quality seal jaws, knives/anvils, and punches. Now LAKO can be considered your go-to source for ultrasonic film sealing solutions.

LAKO has recently added Bill Aurand as Manager of Ultrasonic Applications, bringing increased expertise in the field of ultrasonic sealing. LAKO’s high precision machining, engineering and integration capabilities coupled with Bill’s 35+ years of ultrasonic experience make LAKO the best single source for ultrasonic sealing applications in the packaging field.

LAKO is happy to work with any ultrasonic equipment. If you have already begun development with an ultrasonic equipment provider, LAKO can complement the relationship by assisting in the integration of the solution into your current packaging line.

Whether your application is cross seals, back seals, standup pouch top seals, or zipper crushing, LAKO can help make integrating ultrasonic sealing technology into your process a smooth and successful endeavor.

About LAKO: LAKO has over 40 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry, providing quick-change package sealing solutions for horizontal flow wrappers and vertical bagger machines. Delivering excellent product quality, experienced and prompt service, and leading advancements to increase ROI and reduce environmental impact.