Nishibe 600-SP

Nishibe 600-SP


Control by 3-servo-motors and computer.

Hard disk used for improved data management and setting changes.


Nishibe 600-SP

The 600-SP employs two servo motors for film feeding and one independently operating AC servo motor for the regulation of the raising and lowering movement of the sealing units. It is possible to set the sealing time voluntarily. It is also possible to change the running speed while maintaining a standard sealing time and temperature.

The percentage of time and product loss occurring when setting the initial operating conditions has become extremely slight due to loading by personal computer, which has made possible the printing out and filing of the data of production conditions. Irregardless of who operates the machine the production conditions for the same product can easily be set up each time production begins.

Nishibe 600-SP Options


Production Speed 3-side seal pouch: 30-180 cycles/min.
Standing pouch: 30-140 cycles/min.
* The production speed may be affected by the type of material and the cutting length.
Film Size Range Main film: W = 400mm-1250mm Diameter: 800mm
Bottom tape for standing pouch: W = 60mm-180mm Diameter: 500mm
Pouch Size Range
3-side seal pouch: W=75mm-600mm L=50mm-500mm
Standing pouch (1-lane production): W=80mm-200mm L=200mm-550mm
Standing pouch (2-lane production) : W=80mm-200mm L=100mm-275mm
Machine Weight 8500kg (Approx.)
Main Web Stand Horizontal Single Web Stand
Main Web Shaft 3-inch Air Shaft
Main Web Brake Automatic Control by value input
L.P.C. Mitsuhashi Line Position Controller
Bottom tape stand Vertical type
Bottom tape brake Automatic control (Operating side / Non-operating side 1 pc.each)
Bottom tape punching unit Single-punch holder 2 sets, Punch diameter 15mm, punch rail 1 set,
Evacuation unit 1set
Longitudinal Sealing Unit Heater (L:620mm L:520mm for standing pouch) : 4pcs.(W:80/50/50/80mm), Rubber Base
Longitudinal Cooling Unit Cooling Bar (L:520mm) : 4pcs.(W:70/30/30/70mm), Rubber Base
Razor Unit at the middle feed roller Razor Holder : 1pc., Trimming Guide
Side Sealing Unit 3units (Point Sealing Unit/ 1 unit)
Side Cooling Unit 2units
Razor Unit at the front feed roller Razor Holder : 4pcs., Trimming Guide
Monitor Touch Screen
Table Conveyor Up and down movement (Separate type)
Thermostat 14 pcs., Upper and lower limit warning
Alarms Start Discharge, Web Run Out, Web End, Web Splice, Bottom tape splice, Hole Error
Accessories Guillotine knives : 1set, Seal Bar (Longitudinal / Bottom) : 20pcs., Tools : 1set
Thermocouple Attaching type
Option Second Stage Unwinder
Floor Pick Up
NIRECO Tension Controller
Automatic Bottom Tape Splicer
Extension Of Bottom Tape Unwinder
Bottom Tape Punch Refuse Detector
Automatic Bottom Tape Punch Positioning Unit
Skip Drive
Powder Sprayer
Punching Unit
Evacuation Unit
Twin Cutter
Cutter Controller
Power AC200V 3P Motor load 18kW AC200V Heater load 28kW
Cooling water 10-15 liters/min.
* Operating system is Windows XP.
* The above values and the configuration may be changed for improvement without previous notice.
* Machine specifications are slightly defferent from Japanese ones. Please ask our sales staffs for details.