Nishibe Pouch Making Series

Nishibe Pouch Making Series

Pouch making machinery.


Nishibe Pouch Making Series

NISHIBE has developed a wide range of multilane pouch making machines with inline die cutting and patent pending double-step process. They produce state of the art pouch making machines. Benefits include labor savings, speed efficiencies and a compact footprint that will meet todays and future requirements.

  • 3-Side Seal Pouches
  • StandUp Pouches
  • 3-Side Seal and StandUp pouches with Zipper/Slider
  • Zipper Contour Pouches
  • Center Press Pouches
  • Center Sealed Pouches
  • Bag-in-Box Pouches
  • Output up to 1,200 ppm
  • Double-step
  • Up to 4 lanes
  • Thompson Die-cutter
  • HAMA Fitment Inserter


  • • Food
  • • Pet Food
  • • Beverages
  • • Pharmaceutical
  • • Chemical