PPiTG Company Photo

PROFILE® Packaging Inc. started in 1996 by Stuart C. Murray, who wanted to sell both machinery and consumables as a “total system” rather than selling just StandUp pouch machinery. A single source machine supply very often did not offer the customer the best solution. This custom approach resulted in a joint venture with Laudenberg of Germany, Nishibe/Altech Packaging Systems of Japan and Cellpack of Switzerland in a new company called PROFILE® Packaging. The company was formed to sell machinery that manufactures pouches with slider and press-to-close zippers from printed laminated roll stock films and also offers prefabricated pouches with spout fitments. A first for the North American market!

This was rapidly followed with financial investments with Leepack of Korea and exclusive distribution rights with Abtech of South Africa to offer prefabricated fill-seal StandUp pouch machinery through the aptly named PakSource™ Global. In 2006, PLG Korea, PGS Global Sales and PCG China offices were opened for trading within these countries offering USA industry-standard pouch machinery and pouch supplies from around the world.

Over the years these strategic global partnerships have set the standard for the StandUp pouch industry and helped the enormous growth of the StandUp pouch market. Today PPi Technologies GROUP, formed in 1997, is the largest supplier of StandUp pouch machinery in North America. PouchPac™ Innovations was formed to develop in-house patents and to market these technical features to their “Fortune 500” customers and provide them the necessary market edge they needed.

An important part of the original business plan was not to just sell machinery to customers, but to help develop 21 market segments covering, for example, food (including fresh and microwave), beverage, pet foods, healthcare and chemical segments amongst others.

R. Charles Murray, the Chief Executive Officer, stated, “The alcohol and beverage segment proved really challenging because of their traditional reliance on rigid bottles and cans. With much tenacity we have been successful and watched with pride the recent introduction of water, juice, wine, cocktails, spirits and draft beer into our patented StandUp pouches with many unique features around these new packages marketed by our Beverage Pouch Group. This is the way forward for this segment in the 21st century.”