QiPACK Camera Inspection Series

QiPACK Camera Inspection Series

Camera / Vision Pouch Seal Inspection system offers continuous and real time inspection of the seal quality.

We think it is important to pre-emptively check the quality of the production process, as it is more profitable to anticipate possible improvements to how to seal products. While a seal check by vision technology is not always sufficient, the superior infrared technology of our devices is able to trace very small, consequential errors. Also in case of printed or aluminium containing laminates.

In short, our seal check system makes quality control of the packaging process reliable, easy, sustainable and relatively inexpensive.

Qipack’s 3 step approach

How we guide your enterprise in reaching its packaging quality targets:

  • Audition of the packaging line
  • Packaging process improvement
  • Online production monitoring



QiPACK Camera Inspection Series

Qipack guides your enterprise in reaching its packaging quality targets in 3 steps

Qipack is an innovative company based in Belgium and The Netherlands, specialized in packaging quality control, based on detailed real-time analysis of each heat sealed product package manufactured by your packaging equipment.

Packaging is a complex multifactor process. Your packaging production lines are subject to many constraints such as global costs, operator attention, production line settings, maintenance state of machinery, etcetera. In the end, all these factors influence the quality of every single package you produce. Our method consists of anticipating these variations, tune your production lines and safeguard your packaging quality and throughput.

According to your needs, a variation of custom solutions will be proposed, all with the same motive:

Qip it simple!

Qipcam In-Line System for thermal inspection of the packaging seal

New seal quality inspection technology is based on thermal, high definition camera images. Following the production of the sealed item, an image is taken and analyzed by special software. This highly-advanced and accurate thermal imaging results in remarkably clear information with respect to abnormalities in seal quality. This analysis takes place during production, so that defects are immediately detected, in-line and in real-time. The system works with all kind of laminate, printed and un-printed, with or without aluminum.

How the Qipcam System takes a thermal image of the seal

Thermal images of the seal, which is produced by the packaging machine or welding equipment, can be indispensable for your future productions. Also in-line wall thickness control at blow molding equipment will be possible.

When a packed product fails the test, it is pushed out by a rejecter unit for further investigation. Each individual package is therefore tested on its impermeability, independent of the production rate.

The Qipcam System consists of the following 3 units:

  • High performance camera: records both the standard (i.e. correct) seals and all types of variations in seal quality, which will be compared to each other.
  • Control PC in IP65 Stainless steel enclosure and different IO’s to rejecter
  • Qipcam software: Analysis of pixels received from the camera translated into a seal quality finger print.

Qipcam working principle

In a fraction of a second, a quality test is performed. When the seal quality of the package is satisfying, the newly sealed package is passed through. If not, it will be removed from the production line by a rejecter unit, generally delivered by our industrial partners. The system can be stopped and (re)started any time. The operator can interact with the production line whenever needed. No special actions on the Qipcam system are necessary. At first, before the system starts running at standard production, the Qipcam system automatically records 30 to 50 seals and generates a reference seal for all future recordings. This action should be done only once and stored in the system. When production starts, this reference seal is the basis for comparison of all subsequently produced seals.



Promotes Product Quality

Prevents leakages, no wrinkles, no product in seal that can cause preliminary product deterioration

Prevents consumer complaints and customer claims
Prevents delivering badly sealed pouches to the consumer, therefore reducing complaints and costs

Reduces contamination

Product ejection at sealing stage prevents leaking pouches from contaminating production lines and retail shelves

Saves your brand image

No spoiled pouches in retail will improve the brand quality perception


High speed, high quality,high accuracy
Determination of optimal machine settings to obtain defect free pouches at high speed

Identification of error causes

Examination of rejected pouches to obtain feedback for continuous improvement of total packaging process

Provides an early warning alert so that preventive maintenance will prevent further losses
Software monitoring of the packaging process provides early warning parameters to prevent production loss due to stand-still