SN LMS 120

SN LMS 120

Rotary Chain 20 Station – Duplex for liquid products with center fitment – Fill speeds up to 120ppm for smaller fills up to 200ml


SN LMS 120

Oval Turret Form Fill and Seal Machines

Intermittently working oval turret machines with 20 stations to form, fill and seal stand up and 3- or 4-side sealed pouches with reclosure systems as for example center and corner spout or zipper.

Application range: Food, Pet Food, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Nonfood, Household, Personal Care.

  • Hygienic construction and easy cleaning
  • Central operation and visualization via touch screen
  • Ideal for liquids and multi shot filling
  • Central adjustment of pouch gripping units
  • High quality construction means long life machine components
  • Optimal access to all working stations
  • Dosing equipment: Slide doser, auger doser, scales, micro doser for smallest volumes, rotary and valve pumpdoser, flow meter
  • Synchronization with linear and multi-head weigher
  • Ultra Clean Fill Version certificated to 3A