Valmatic Thermo Unit-Dose Series

Valmatic Thermo Unit-Dose Series

Fully automatic and is suitable for thermoforming, filling, and sealing mono-dose containers and vials in plastic film.


Valmatic Thermo Unit-Dose Series

The Minivaldose machine is fully automatic and it is suitable for thermoforming, filling and sealing mono-dose containers and vials in plastic film. The machine pitch is 56,20 mm (2.2”) and can produce unit-dose with capacity from 1 to 125 ml. The Minivaldose does not need special maintenance procedures and the mold change-over is quick and easy. The Minivaldose machine is produced in accordance with G.M.P. (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.


• Food

• Beverages

• Pharmaceutical

• Personal care




  • Filling of liquids, semiliquids, creams, gels and powders.
  • Centering of the printing on both the sides of the container (pre-printed film).
  • Stand-up container with flat bottom.
  • Option to use 2 different films at the same time coupled or barriered.
  • Option to fill the monodose with two different products to be mixed only at time of use, by pressing.
  • As an option you can have two labeling stations.