PSG NOW NMD-530 Pipe Line Type Metal Detector

PSG NOW NMD-530 Pipe Line Type Metal Detector

Pipe Line Type Metal Detector


PSG NOW NMD-530 Pipe Line Type Metal Detector

NMD530 Series pipe line type metal detectors are designed for pumped product, meats, slurries and sauces. Available in a range of pipe sizes starting from 80mm (2S) and come complete with industry standard fittings.

Pipeline detection heads are designed to deliver unrivaled sensitivity to all metal types including ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel. This superior detection capability combined with robust stability in harsh environments provides the best on-line performance available.

For inspecting liquid and pasty product like juice, sauces, jam, soup and etc.
Metal Separation Using a Ball Valve System
Unrivalled Detection Sensitivity
Full Color Touch Screen(7 inch TFT LCD)
Connectivity to External Devices
Auto-Setting Function of the Inspection Items
Setting Function of a Variety of Items for Convenient Operation
Manageable Metal Detecting History
Easy Software Upgrade
Password Setup Function
External Output Printer Setup Function

PSG NOW NMD530 Pipe Line Type

NO Description Material
1 Metal Detector Head SUS304
2 Power Box SUS304
3 Frame SUS304
5 Rejector Valve SUS304


Tunnel Size (mm) 80 100 120 150
Passing Size (mm) 50 70 90 120
Pipe Specification 2S 2.5S 3S 4S


> Relay (5A) / 1A1B 2EA, DC24V SOL, AC220V 0.2A
Power Supply
> Single Phase (110 to 220V) & Three Phase (220 to 380V and etc.,)
> Free Cycle (50/60Hz)
> Fuse (3A)
Operating Temperature
> 0℃ to 50℃
(advised to use the machine under normal temperature)