SN FM 01 FS and SN FM 01 Combi

SN FM 01 Combi FFS / FS

Simplex High speed. Rotary machine for filling & sealing all types of side-sealed pouches. Pouch width 70-180mm.  Pouch length 80-210mm.


SN FM 01 Combi FFS / FS

Rotary Form, Fill and Seal Machine

Intermittently working rotary high performance machine for the production of sealed bags.

Changeover of the machine from roll stock (FFS) to magazine (FS) within shortest time.

Application range: Food, Pet Food, Seed Industry, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Nonfood, Household, Personal Care.

  • Optimum smoothless running, almost maintenance-free
  • Dosing equipment: Slide doser, auger doser, scales, micro doser for smallest volumes, rotary and valve pumpdoser, seed dosing equipment, doser for individual goods
  • Synchronization with linear and multi-head weigher
  • Pouches: 3-sides or 4-sides sealed pouches, premade doypack and
  • deltapack pouches, premade paper pouches und membran pouches


120ppm, 240ppm , 480ppm (Fill Volume 50ml to 500ml)