SN German Pouch-Pack Technology

The FFS machines from SN Maschinenbau GmbH are computer-controlled and enable a quick changeover from one packaging specification to another, so that smaller production processes or just-in-time productions of various quantities for several products or bag sizes are possible.

Whether large or small just-in-time production processes …

Almost all types of products can be packed in bags with our packaging machines. The spectrum ranges from liquids such as juices or sauces, dry goods to cosmetics or household products.

In addition, SN offers the ULTRA-CLEAN technology, which complies with international hygiene standards and, for example, bag filling for dairy products with an extended shelf life of more than 60 days.

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FM Combi/FS

SN FM Combi/FS

The FM 1 Combi can be converted from roll production to processing prefabricated bags within a very short time.

SN FBM 071

SN FBM 071

SN FBM 071

Packaging machine (form, fill and seal machines )

The intermittently working rotary machine enables the production of flat or stand-up pouches and can fill the pouches with all kinds of products of any consistency. 


SN FBM 20 / FBM 22

SN FBM 20 – FBM22

Packaging machine (form, fill and seal machines )

These two models are suitable for a wide range of applications, are high quality and extremely flexible packaging machines.


SN FBM 30 – FBM 33 / FBM 40-FBM 44


Packaging machines (rotary machines , form, fill and seal machines )

Depending on the design, product type and bag dimensions, the packaging machines of the FBM 30 to FBM 44 generation produce up to 400 perfect bags per minute.

SN Maschinenbau, SN, FM 060, horizontal form fill and seal, PPiTG

SN FM 060

SN FM 060

Packaging machine (rotary machine, form, fill and seal machine)

The intermittently working rotary machine produces and fills almost all types of side-seal bags from the roll.

SN Maschinenbau, SN FM 200, HFFS, horizontal form fill and seal, PPiTG

SN FM 200 – FM 600

SN FM 200-FM 600

Packaging machine (rotary machine, form, fill and seal machine) The FM 200 to FM 600 series can produce and fill flat and stand-up pouches, also with reclosable systems, from the roll.

FM-215 - FM-515

SN FM 215 – FM 515

SN FM 215 – FM 515

Packaging machine (form, fill and seal machines with 10 rotary stations)

These HFFS machines produce flat or stand-up pouches from the roll, which can be filled with almost all types of product with different consistencies




The FME 50 is an intermittently working rotary packaging machine for the production of  3-edge sealed pouches , 4-edge sealed pouches , stand-up pouches  and  bottom-fold pouches . The bags produced are filled with products of various consistencies using suitable dosing devices and then sealed.