SN FM 060

SN FM 060

Packaging machine (rotary machine, form, fill and seal machine)

The intermittently working rotary machine produces and fills almost all types of side-seal bags from the roll.


SN FM 060

FM 060 (rotary, form, fill and seal machine)

The FM 060 is an intermittently working rotary packaging machine for maximum performance. With its high-quality technology it provides from the roll virtually all types of sealed bags ago: 3-side sealed bags , four-side sealed bags , bottom gusset bag , Doypack- and Delta packing bag , contour and membrane bag . The bags are filled with products of various consistencies using appropriate dosing devices.


Food , pet food, seeds , beverages, pharmaceuticals, non-food , household, care products.

High quality technology

  • 3 versions: Basic, Premium, Wet
  • Modular construction
  • Sealing station with servo drive: the sealing time can be set precisely to the machine speed and the film specifications
  • 100% release of the sealing tools in the event of machine stops
  • Swivel head seal
  • Segments with quick-release fasteners in the rotary
  • Foil insertion aid in the tape take-off
  • Machine casing: clean design