SN FM 060

SN FM 060

New Compact Machine design with many of the features found on the larger high speed machines.


SN FM 060

Rotary Form, Fill and Seal Machine

Intermittent working rotary machine for highest performance to manufacture various types of pouches: 3-sides or 4-sides sealed pouches, bottom fold type pouches, doypacks, deltapacks, shaped and membrane pouches.

Application range: Food, Pet Food, Seed Industry, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Nonfood, Household, Personal Care.

  • 3 variants: Basic, Premium, Wet
  • Modular design
  • Sealing station with servo-drive: Sealing time can be exactly adjusted to the machine speed and the film specification
  • 100% – exemption of the sealing tools during machine stops
  • Swiveling top sealing
  • Segments with quick release buckles at each station in the rotary
  • Insertion aid in the unwind system
  • Machine protection/covering: Clean design