SN FM 215 – FM 515

SN FM 215 – FM 515

Packaging machine (form, fill and seal machines with 10 rotary stations)

These HFFS machines produce flat or stand-up pouches from the roll, which can be filled with almost all types of product with different consistencies


SN FM 215 – FM 515

FM 215 – FM 515 (form, fill and seal machines with 10 rotary stations)

A particularly versatile series is the FM 215 to FM 515, which also belong to the intermittent rotary machines. With two additional stations on the rotary machine, the FM 215 to FM 515 are particularly suitable for the production of flat or stand-up pouches, which are to be filled with different product components on up to 4 different stations. Reclosing systems can of course also be introduced. These HFFS machines produce bags from the roll, which can be filled with almost all types of product with different consistencies.


Food, pet food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, non-food, household, care products.

High quality technology

  • Duplex, triplex, quadro, quinta as standard
  • 10 rotary stations for the multi-flexible use of up to four metering devices, additional devices (gas supply with nitrogen, etc.)
  • Well-engineered servo drives
  • Up to 20% film savings through the use of thinner films
  • Servo drive of the sealing devices
  • Improved usability, compact, modular design
  • Dosing: slide feeders, screw feeders, scales, micro-feeders for the smallest volumes, dosing pumps, flow meters
  • Hygienic version, easy to clean
  • Central operation and display via touch panel, visualized user interface
  • Synchronization with linear and multihead weighers